Native And Powerful Monetization
For Your Content Site

Witlee helps publishers monetize their content with relevant machine powered product recommendations.

Content drives commerce.

Whether it's apparel, recipes or health related, content inspires curiosity and intent which leads to purchases. As a publisher, a large segment of your audience leaves for e-commerce sites with a very strong intent. E-commerce companies, who are eager to attract traffic with high intent, are looking to promote their products across publishers in a scalable way.

Yet, no efficient solution connects publishers and e-tailers.

So far, no one has been able to bridge that gap: connecting e-commerce inventory with publishers and a native and scalable way.

That’s exactly what we do.

Witlee provides a "products you may also like" service for publishers. Think of it as contextual Product ads for publishers. Given ANY product you feature, Witlee will generate "products you may also like" recommendations. All recommendations are in stock, relevant and optimized for revenue.

Useful, contextual, product recommendations outperform other ad formats.

Our solution drives amazing click through rate, as high as 30% CTR! We helped publisher increase the clicks x3 to x10.

Simple to use.

The best thing? No integration is needed. Our native solution leverages the existing images and links, for an organic user experience and zero dev work on your end.

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Our Team


Doron Gavra
Doron Gavra
Founder & CEO
Drew Schulz
Drew Schulz
Founder & CTO

Our Advisors

Christopher Payne
Christopher Payne
COO at Doordash
Former SVP at eBay
Richelle Parham
Richelle Parham
General partner at Camden Partners
Scripps Network Interactive
Former CMO eBay